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Unusually fine musicality and top virtuosity are what one associates with this classical guitarist from Berlin, who was trained at the conservatories in Weimar and Cologne and took lessons from masters such as David Russel, Manuel Barrueco and Oscar Ghiglia. In addition to her refined playing culture, her elegant tone and highly nuanced performance, this winner of the German Music Council stipendium shows a remarkable sense of independence and extends the boundaries of classical guitar music with her in-depth knowledge of Mediterranean mentality, eastern European musical culture and Latin American joie de vivre. On her third album, she reveals what she considers “music for life”, with a Brazilian choro and modinha, an Argentinean chacarera and a milonga. Nora Buschmann, sure-fingered in her expression, with outstanding sound, filled with elegance and fire, shows why she has won numerous international guitar competitions.

Suite Orientale info

“Suite Orientale” is a conceptual album devoted to the sounds of southeastern Europe. Nora Buschmann (born 1969) has first-hand knowledge of her subject. From 1994 to 1998, she lived in Thessalonica in Greece. Her technique is impeccable and is always put in the service of the music. The repertoire of “Suite Orientale” reflects the eastern Mediterranean mentality and offers up southern joie de vivre as well as introspective melancholy. The guitarist pulls all the stops on her guitar and draws out musical nuances from broken bass chords all the way to clear flageolet notes. “Suite Orientale” is a musical image of the Levant, with oriental daubs, in other words, the ideal repertoire for a sensitive interpreter like Nora Buschmann.

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